Video Message of His Holiness Pope Francis for the 500th Anniversary of the Evangelization of the Philippines

Video Message of His Holiness Pope Francis

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Through this video message, I am pleased to join you in celebrating the five-hundredth anniversary of the first preaching of the Gospel in the Philippines.

I know that you have long prepared for this event and that you are celebrating it in a particular way these days, as you gather for the Second National Missionary Encounter.

I would like to share with you three mysteries of our faith, which are part of the deepest Christian roots of your people: Nazareththe Cross and Pentecost.

Let us contemplate Nazareth. The tender love of the Holy Child, which is a symbol of the arrival of Christianity in your archipelago, reminds us of the hidden life of the Holy Family in Nazareth. Mary and Joseph raised the Child Jesus with love.