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Currently the Sisters of the Holy Family are present in Italy in the Veneto, in Friuli Venezia Giulia and in Emilia Romagna. The Sisters offer their service in the pastoral care of schools, in parishes, in houses of spirituality and in same situations of poverty given by age, marginalization, immigration. All this to promote the human and spiritual growth of each person and to extend the mission of love of the Holy Family.




Via Fontane di Sopra, 2
37129 Verona
Tel: 045 8003718
Fax: 045 596899

Immagine 060


Via Are, 3
37142 Marzana – Verona
Tel/Fax: 045 8700464

Spiritual reception house, it hosts the Carlo Perucci middle-school. This community also coordinates the missionary projects of the Congregation


San Zeno di Montagna
“Casa Leopoldina”

Via Leopoldina Naudet, 1
37010 S. Zeno di Montagna (VR)
Tel/Fax: 045 7285041
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Spiritual and vacation home


Scuola “S. Famiglia”

Via Chiesa
37010 Affi (VR)
Tel: 045 7235434
Fax: 045 6264883

The community is included in kindergarten and is involved in the parish's life.


Santa Maria in Progno

Via Chiesa Santa Maria, 13
37024 S. Maria di Negrar (VR)
Tel: 045 7514202

The community, included in the rectory of the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Carmine, serves in the Pastoral Unit and in the kindergarten of Arbizzano.

IMG 0640


Via S. Martino, 8
37127 Avesa – Verona
Tel: 045 914743

Our community is full immersed in the life of the Parish.

Centro Balducci2

“Centro Balducci”

Piazza della Chiesa, 1
33050 Zugliano – Pozzuolo del Friuli (UD)
Tel: 0432 568799

The community is included in the Ernesto Balducci Center to support the reception and integration of families and immigrants, social and political refugees






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